Organizations are increasingly under fire to work leaner while producing more in less time. The rate of change has never been this quick, which creates complexity we can’t be trained for.   It’s our ability to see a variety of solutions, while being willing to try an out-of-the box approach that makes the difference in this rapidly changing world.  


Develop your leaders to develop your organization. Even the best leaders need fresh perspective, diversity in thinking, and shifts in what they see as possible. A coach is a thinking partner for executives, supports middle managers to lead up and down effectively, and can add velocity to any high performer. Everyone has a developmental edge, but not everyone intentionally works to move past it. Consider that your company will grow at the rate your leaders are growing. Develop more, grow faster, and dominate your market!



Training and practice are key components of development. We hear over and over that our training makes a lasting difference, because we start every time by asking the participant to get crystal clear on WIIFM—What’s In It For Them. Once they know that, they engage in the conversation in a whole new way. We’ve spent years developing and fine tuning trainings that create better communication, increase your management capacity, and develop your leaders. Schedule one of our out-of-the-box trainings or share your concerns, and we’ll customize a training to meet your needs.


Fearless Communication

What’s not being said in your organization? Where do you fall short of making a difference because you can’t quite come up with the right words? Where do your leaders feel helpless to make a difference with someone because what they have to say feels too hard? Any time we humans come together, differences arise.  It’s common for those differences to create conflict and drama. Create a culture where saying what needs to be said in a respectful, heart based way, happens consistently—so the energy and focus is on the work, not on the drama du jour. Tough conversations have to happen organization-wide. We help make them easier.