Well-being-treeYour well-being is a combination of many factors that contribute to your health and happiness.  It varies for each of us, but generally includes aspects of our life in terms of the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.  Sleep, exercise and diet; our living and work spaces; mental stimulation and opportunities for creativity; our spiritual practices; and, the connection we have to those around us all add up to how we experience our quality of life.  Often, we don’t consciously take much, if any, of this into account.  It is mostly all automatic. We live as if “this is how it has been so this is how it has to be”.

What might your life look like if you turned that sentiment on its ear? Ask yourself, “How is my well-being?”  “What do I need and how can I create it?” “How amazing would every day be if . . .?” Often the answers to these questions are seemingly small, but cause huge shifts. We have had client answers ranging from committing to reducing visual clutter by putting the mail away each day to reading for pleasure to reconnecting with an old friend by scheduling a monthly phone call.  None of these items takes more than a small amount of time to accomplish, but the benefit to well-being is enormous.  Sometimes the effort and commitment required is larger, but regardless of the size of the undertaking, acting with intention makes all the difference.

How will you live intentionally today?  What life will you create for yourself?