energy zapper


Are you leaking? Energy that is! Do you have places in your life that are a slow and persistent drain? The junk drawer in the kitchen where you can never find what you are looking for and every time you open it you think, “I need to clean this out.” And yet that drawer has had that same stuff in it for years. What about those papers you meant to file and are in a giant pile on the desk, shelf, floor? It just keeps getting higher and higher and every time you see it, 10 or 15 times a day, you think, “I really should file those papers.”

Each time you encounter these situations (and we all have them), you experience an energy drain. You “should” puts a drain on yourself about taking care of it. And soon, each time you come upon the same state of affairs, you lose a little more energy.

It is time to cease the siphoning of your energy! What are the first 3 things that come to mind when you think about those nagging and niggling things you “should” do? Write them down. Pick one and make a plan for what you need to do and so when you do it, you can cross it off the list.

Create a plan and each time you eliminate a draining situation you will generate more energy through your success!
How are you going to plug that leak?