Success through People Development:  A2 Coaching offers the following trainings all of which are customized to meet your needs.

Through our personal approach and customized training, your employees will break through the barriers that are holding them back from achieving their next level of success. By helping your employees to reach their highest potential, your business will thrive.


“Leadership isn’t answering the questions others ask. Leadership is asking others to answer their own questions.”  – Simon Sinek

Awareness is key to self-development, leadership, and success. We can only accomplish so much before we need to take a look at who we are being. For instance, in the face of a crisis, are you being controlling and take-charge, or being open-minded, looking for the opportunity? Whoever you’re being, most of the time it’s from habit, not from choice. We all have strategies, patterns, and habits that have created the success we experience today. But those same strategies and habits aren’t sufficient to create success in the future. This course gives you the tools to have a choice, so you can bring what’s needed in the face of any situation.
Our sweet spot is transformation, and nowhere is transformation more needed than in leadership development. Businesses can no longer rely on incremental change from leaders, because changes in the marketplace are not incremental. The marketplace is calling for leaders who are always transforming. This six-month, in-person team and individual work is our most intensive: so intensive we hesitate to call it a training. It’s more of an adventure!

In the six months, your leaders look at themselves, where they’ve been, where they want to go, and what their highest contribution to your company is. The job of a leader is to develop other leaders. Leaders don’t lead organizations, they lead people. And they can’t lead people effectively without knowing themselves—knowing their own strengths, their challenges, and their triggers.

Realizing what has them play full-out, take risks, and win the game, and understanding what has them play small, throw their fists up (metaphorical ones, of course), or get stuck in the mud allows them to be authentic, create connection, lose their defensiveness, listen for what’s called for, meet people where they are, and effectively develop their team.

“The bedrock of great business is based on human capital. And that capital is built on human relationships.” – Miti Ampoma

Awareness is not enough, however. You have to attach action to every new insight—without it, it’s just navel-gazing. Awareness combined with action actually creates new behavior (and, according to neuroscientists, new neural pathways!). This is where the transformation happens.

Want leaders ready to create opportunity out of every challenge the marketplace throws at them? Transform them. This is the pathway. (It’s the Zen thing!)


“Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them.”  – Paul Hawken

Do you have managers who need the basics? In this coaching- and conversation-based training we address the foundational skills needed to create great leaders. We go beyond creating managers who facilitate getting things done to creating managers who are impactful as leaders. We’ll help your managers to master:

  • delegation
  • decision making
  • crisis management
  • time management
  • communication
  • giving and receiving feedback

all while getting a feel for the ultimate management/leadership skill: managing themselves.

Your managers and leaders want to be more effective, but they’re overwhelmed with competing priorities, calendars packed with meetings, and devices filled with e-mails, all in an ever-changing environment. Creating a high-performing team is challenging, but mandatory for success. In this course, we support your managers to be more effective in their roles by teaching the skills of coaching, which they will develop through training and practice. This work provides the manager with the being and the tools needed to create powerful conversations and clearly stated—and understood—objectives and expectations, while bringing presence and authenticity to the table. (It’s a Zen thing!) As managers are trained in the skills of coaching, we create space for their ongoing improvement and address the attitudes that may prevent them from succeeding in their roles.

The problem with feedback? Managers hate giving it and employees hate hearing it. (You know that feeling when you hear, “it’s time for your performance review”?) A culture that provides consistent and regular feedback (rather than saving it all for the dreaded performance review) produces high-performing teams that create a stronger organization. Yet many of us are uncomfortable giving and receiving feedback. This course trains your employees in giving effective feedback that is not only received and understood by the employee, but creates a culture where feedback is welcomed. We are committed to creating a safe environment as we take your team outside of their comfort zones to master the art of feedback. Not only will your employees practice giving and receiving feedback, but they’ll also create an understanding of why they let it seem daunting.

Eliminate the fear of feedback, and take your organization’s communication and success to the next level.


“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” – George Bernard Shaw

We all have a communication IQ and we all have room for improvement! This course invites participants to look at their individual communication habits and style and provides a variety of tools and distinctions, resulting in less conflict and disruption while creating more efficiency and alignment—all of which positively impact your bottom line. Though we are always listening, we know that listening is frequently compromised and can produce breakdowns and misunderstandings. Similarly, we speak all the time, yet what’s heard is not always what we intended. Bringing intention and awareness to our speaking ensures that what is said, what is heard, and what is understood all match.

What if your employees approached every conversation with the belief that they are responsible for the exchange?

Communicating to groups and making presentations is a key part of any leader’s success. We train developing leaders as speakers—speakers who can captivate audience attention and keep it! Understand the components of a good presentation; learn how to create connection and generate buy-in, while being at ease in the process.

Speaking and Presenting

It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.” – Mark Twain

Communicating to groups and making presentations is a key part of any leader’s success. We train developing leaders as speakers—speakers who can captivate audience attention and keep it! Understand the components of a good presentation; learn how to create connection and generate buy-in, while being at ease in the process.

As leaders evolve, the demand increases for excellent facilitation skills. Leaders invest time every day in running meetings and leading conversations, and what expensive time it is! Whenever you bring employees together, the payroll expense alone is tremendous. Make that time count by ensuring that meetings are facilitated effectively, efficiently and productively. Run meetings like a pro!
Want to go from feeling pretty good about your stage presence and presentation skills to feeling amazing about them? This course could be called “Presentation 401,″ because after this graduate-level training, your presentation skills increase fourfold. Create relationship with your audience, think on your feet, and experience ease and confidence. This course is about fine-tuning and developing mastery in front of the room.

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*In our coaching and training, we may use assessments to maximize results.