Your well-being is a combination of many factors that contribute to your health and happiness.  It varies for each of us, but generally includes aspects of our life in terms of the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.  Sleep, exercise and diet; our living and work spaces; mental stimulation and opportunities for creativity; our spiritual practices; [...]

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Technology and Connection

Technology. It makes our lives better in so many ways. And it causes us stress in so many others. Technology lets us communicate in ways we never dreamed of: email, instant messaging, video chat, blogs and countless social media sites. It makes us always reachable and sets up the expectation that we should always be [...]

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What do you do to get back to work you're avoiding? I am so good at avoiding my work.  Not the people part of my work.  If I need to get on the phone or have a meeting, I'm good.  Completely reliable to show up.  I don't even think twice about those.  I'm talking about [...]

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Relationship with Supervisor

  Annually the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) conducts the Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement Survey which gathers data on many aspects of overall employee job satisfaction and engagement.  One facet of the survey looks at relationship with management.  In the last few years this area of experience in the workplace has consistently placed [...]

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Energy Drain!

  Are you leaking? Energy that is! Do you have places in your life that are a slow and persistent drain? The junk drawer in the kitchen where you can never find what you are looking for and every time you open it you think, “I need to clean this out.” And yet that drawer [...]

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